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  • Payment Policy
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Rescheduling Policy
  • Lateness Policy
  • No Show Policy
  • Replacement cards
  • E-Learning/Online Course
  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Disclaimer

Payment Policy

  • Credit cards are ownly accepted for online registrations
  • Online payments must be receive at least 48 hours prior to scheduled course
  • Checks must be mailed at least 5 days prior to class.
  • No checks or credit cards will be accepted the day of class

Cancellation Policy

  • No refund will be issued once a student registration is process.  Students may be given a credit toward a later class if the reschedule class is within 60 days of the original class.
  • Advanced Health Educators reserves the right to cancel any class if the class number is below a minimum of 2 students.

Rescheduling Policy

  • We do not permit rescheduling the day of class.  If you request to reschedule the day of class this will be considered a no show and the no show policy will be in effect.  
  • All students must notify Advanced Health Educators via telephone for any cancellation, or need to change their class date.
  • You must reschedule 3 days or more from the class date in order to have a full credit toward another class.
  • If the student reschedules less than three days from the scheduled class, a $25 fee will be applied to CPR & BLS, and a $50 fee will be applied to the ACLS course.

Lateness Policy

  • It is required that students arrive at class on time.  We recommend that students arrive to class 15 minutes prior to the start of class.  If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class, they will no be allowed to attend the class.  Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after class has begun will be addressed according to the rules for those who cancel 1-2 days before the class day.

No show Policy

  • Students will be conisdered as a NO SHOW if they do not show up to class and do not notify Advanced Health Educators atleast one day prior to the start of class.  We will not issue any refund or credit for students who meet the NO SHOW criteria.

Replacement Cards

  • We will provide replacement cards for students at an additional fee.

Correct Name

  • Students are responsible to complete registration form accurately, and will responsible for entering the correct spelling of names and addresses

E-Learning Online Courses

  • Advanced Health Educators do not provide refunds (whether partial or whole) for online courses.
  • You may contact the AHA at (1-888-242-8883) for any technical issues.
  • There is no exchanging an online course for a physical course.

Privacy Policy

Advanced Health Educators valuesour customers privacy.  Any information provided by customers when purchases are made including name, adresses and phone numbers are kept strictly confidential. The information is only used to provide services needed to transact with our customers purchases.  We do not sell any information to outside vendors.

Website Disclaimer

Although Advanced Health Educators makes every effort to have accurate information on its website, the information provided on the website is presented “as is” and we are not held responsible for any mistakes or misprints.