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Who should take Heartsaver CPR/AED & First Aid?

CPR/AED is the course that is designed for the non-medical professional. People who should take this course include students, teachers, public servants, and any individual around at-risk individuals such as children or the elderly should take this class! The course represents a combined provider class that awards the provider in two certifications: CPR/AED & First Aid.

This course can also be taken separately for those that solely require just Heartsaver CPR/AED or just Heartsaver First Aid.

Who should take BLS? 

Basic Life Support is the CPR/AED course appropriate for healthcare professionals. Nurses, EMT technicians, Physician assistants, Respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical or nursing students, dentists, pharmacists, dental assistants, medical school residents, home health employees, persons working in hospitals or nursing homes with direct patient care, or anyone wanting to go into the healthcare field. Persons responsible for emergency care such as Lifeguards should also take BLS. 

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